The expression of creativity in my designs has evolved from my desire to express my inner joy via whatever medium is on hand. Visual interest relies on my usage of paint, fabric, patterns, color and medium. I’m fascinated by what can be created using various mediums to satisfy my artistic inner eye.


I aspire to incorporate my experiences encountered into an artistic statement. I wish to express the creative images in my sub-conscious and conscious through any medium my muse chooses. It is my desire that my art will touch the viewer so that they feel that magic and light of joy that I feel.


I was born during the depression in Oklahoma. Art has always been a part of my life from childhood through adulthood in one way or another.

I earned a bachelor’s degree from Texas State College for Women, and then a master’s from the University of Denver in the fields of education, English, and Art.


For 37 years non stop I taught in the public schools in Texas and Colorado. Manual labor in the public sector enhanced my appreciation for having an education. The physical aspect added to dexterity of hand work.


In 1950 my design for the 50th anniversary seal for TSCW was chosen. I received art awards during undergraduate work. From that time forward, I have continued on my art quest quietly sharing with students. After retirement in 1990 and resettling here in Texas I began to create again in various mediums. As a professional ceramist, I entered annual shows at the Astroarena in Houston. I garnered awards ranging from Best of Show, Best original, best theme, etc. Next, I began to turn to Doll making and painting as an artistic expression. This led me to enroll in classes with experts in their chosen fields: polyclay fabric designers and painters to hone my skills, to learn sewing, and expand my knowledge.


Through research and experimentation I have developed a unique style of costuming Art Dolls using leather employing the CUIR BOUILLI method. This involves soaking, molding, and dyeing the leather.


Artist Member of ODACA, 2008

Paintings, art dolls, and crafts are in private collections all over the world.
My dolls have been in these exhibits: International Quilt Festivals in the USA, Santa Fe Art Festival in Santa Fe, New Mexico; Kansas City Doll Festival in Kansas City, Kansas; various libraries in surrounding areas of Houston, Heritage Museum in Conroe, Texas, Houston Baptist University, Center for Arts and Sciences in Clute, Texas ; and private art galleries. To see some of my latest dolls check out my blog.


My work has been in Art Doll Quarterly, Quilting Arts, Contemporary Doll Collector, Soft Dolls & Animals, and Doll Crafter & Costuming magazines from 2002-2006.


What inspires me most is nature, the natural environment wherever I may be. The patterns made by shadows cast upon a tree or path, the various textures created by various flora and fauna lead my artistic eye to recreate in another dimension. Natural earth colors through out the seasons delight and tickle my senses. They affect me in a calming manner when coordinated.


…who know what path I might choose to follow???

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